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How to load the Soriatec Fénix Inverter speargun .

Today we want to talk about our Fénix Inverter rifle, this rifle model

It is recommended for larger fish and experienced anglers.

Its load capacity is of such magnitude that it is capable of making shots of up to

7 meters, precise and lethal.

You can find it in two formats, Fénix Original from 85 to 115 cm and

The difference between the original Fénix inverter and the Fénix inverter XL is the length

and the width of the cuttlefish the Fénix XL being wider supports larger rods, in measurements of more than 100 cm the XL is the best option, but the Fénix Original is just as precise.

We invite you to watch this video subtitled in all languages.

At David Soria he shows us the charging phase of our Fénix Inverter.

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