Soriatec is a company dedicated to the manufacture of carbon fiber components and parts. Our extensive experience in the automotive, nautical, wind and sports industry sectors has allowed us to take our passion for underwater fishing and apnea to the highest level.

Creating high quality products so you can enjoy top quality material with us. In our facilities we have the most advanced manufacturing processes.

Our experience and training allows us to develop a product from 0, based on an initial idea we create a sketch, design the product and manufacture the mold, finally the piece.



The quantity of pieces to reproduce determines the type of mold. Composite, aluminum or steel.



If you can imagine it we can manufacture it.


lay up




Pre peg

3d design and programming



Cnc milling machine

Press hot dishes

Cutting cabin

Paint booth

Rtm machine

Glass Projection Machin Professional 3d printers

5 axis milling machine Autoclave oven

Rotational molding machine

Professional 3d scanner

For larger projects we have another production plant located in IBI (Alicante)

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C / Electricistas, nº 13 03130 La colonia, Santa Pola Alicante, Spain