Manufacturing System:

For the development of our fins we have created our own manufacturing methods, developing a system that allows an increase of 10% more re-activity of the fin by lowering its weight with respect to the previous model by 10% thus achieving a more effective fin , more resistant and more efficient.


All our fins are manufactured in 5 different hardnesses and can be manufactured with the dual system or Rts finish. You can choose the cut V (Fish tail) or asymmetric, also the desired hardness, we study each case individually to offer the customer the fin that best suits their style or physical conditions.


Our RTS fin has a rough surface textured by both carriages, the advantage of this fin is that thanks to its textured surface it decreases the skidding and maintains a constant thrust, this fin has been designed for competition fishing where it is fished with high rhythm and flutter is constant.

Dual System: Our Dual system fin has a smooth surface on the rough and matte front on the back, this system takes advantage of the sliding in the surface flutter thanks to its smooth surface. The rough rear area increases the thrust, thanks to the roughness of the rear part prevents the skidding skidding thus achieving greater efficiency. measures 80x 23cm.

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