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Leviathan is a mythological creature that is referred to in many religions, both in the Christian and the Jewish, it represents chaos and order, the beginning and the end, in the book of the genesis before creation when Chaos reigned God created Leviathan to contain him and is referred to as the 4th horseman of the apocalypse.


In the Tamul it represents the SEA.


For the development of this new model of rifle we have used the most advanced manufacturing systems using the most powerful cad cam design programs, as well as reverse engineering and 3d printing for the prototyping of the product.

Monocoque rifle body made of a single piece of 100% carbon with variable thickness.

Firing Mechanism Ermes Double Roller Reel

Ermes horizontal 

Sigalsub arrow 

Rubber sigalsub  Handle

with anatomical right-handed, left-handed or ambidextrous grip.

Heavy duty loading heel.

High resistance anti-break shells.


Each piece has been thoroughly tested and has been subjected to the highest workloads, passing all tests successfully.


Finally we have developed a mold system with technology created by ourselves, and we can only say that we are very proud of the final product, we hope you like it. Team Soriatec