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Volcano, the world's first rifle with an interchangeable head, original design by David Soria.

VOLCANO is a single-hull rifle with ergonomic grip,

right-handed, left-handed and ambidextrous.

Measurements from 85-105 have a 6.5 mm or maximum rod. In measurements from 110 cm to 140 cm the rod is 7 mm to 8 mm.


The 85 cm rifle has a length from tip to tip of 100 cm and the length of the rod is 115 cm, and so on with the total measurements, we add 30 cm more to the measurement of the rifle chosen for the rod, but there are exceptions in double roller models or double flap rods.

The measurements displayed on the website are useful surface area from the firing mechanism to the muzzle of the rifle.

Being a rifle and not a tube, it is more powerful, stable and precise.

With a weight without accessories of 1.5 kg we achieve a perfect balance, to balance it we can add weights to the muzzle of the rifle or to the handle.

We can place the vertical reel in the trigger cover, the horizontal one is placed in the body of the tube, with the universal adapter.

Volcano can be configured, single rubber, double rubber, triple rubber, roller, double roller and inverter model, the inside of the mouth of the barrel is 26 mm.

Some configurations such as double roller and inverter models or sizes 135 and 140 require special accessories for assembly. Contact us to resolve any questions, we will help you.

Pre-order rifles have a delivery time of approximately 6 to 10 weeks.

You can see more information about volcano on our blog.



You can also buy it online in all its versions in our store.