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A spearfisher discovers an 1,800 year old Roman amphora.

Today we want to do a very special article, to congratulate Guillermo Abad for this great archaeological discovery on the coast of Alicante (Spain), specifically in the bay of Santa Pola.

A few days ago, Guillermo, on a fishing trip, discovered a Roman amphora in very good condition on the seabed and contacted the local police. Following the usual protocol, the discovery was notified to the Museo del Mar and its recovery was scheduled for March 2, 2022. The coast guard, the local police of Santa Pola, a team of underwater archaeologists together with an expert in underwater archeology coordinated to extract the relic from the sea.

Guillermo dived 15 meters in apnea to mark the position and guide the recovery team. Unfortunately, due to the depth, technical problems and to protect the safety of the diving team that day, it could not be recovered and the extraction had to be postponed for Thursday, March 3, 2022. Once again Guillermo submerged to guide the team and as you can see in the video, this relic contained a surprise, a meter and a half conger was staying inside

Fortunately, despite the setbacks, the relic was recovered in very good condition and has been dated to 1800 years old and becomes part of the Museum of the Sea.

We want to thank Guillermo Abad for his collaboration with Soriatec by making us participate in this great discovery.

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