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Dual System and RTS carbon fins by Soriatec, which carbon fin is best for you?

Today we are going to talk to you about the Dual System and RTS models from Soriatec, and their essential characteristics to help you decide which fin best suits your needs.

Both models are 100% carbon fiber, and manufactured by hand in Spain, you can choose 5 hardnesses depending on the weight of each angler and also depending on the fishing area or physical shape, but today we want to highlight the differences of these two Models.

Firstly we will talk about the Dual System model, this fin is very versatile and can be used to leave from the shore or from a boat. It is the all-terrain fin, it has a smooth front face and the back face is rough, but it is not as rough as the RTS.

With this we get it to help us slide better when diving and also when surfacing it helps us gain speed. It is a fin that is good for beginners with a V cut or Whale Tail for dives of up to 15 meters or for experienced fishermen with the Asymmetric Cut. for dives of more than 15 meters.

Available in Short model 75x21 cm for pool and diving

80x 21.5cm and 80x23 cm for spearfishing and freediving.

The standard RTS fin 80x21.5cm and 23cm for spearfishing, has both rough sides, with this we get more thrust with less effort and will help you avoid straining your muscles. This fin is chosen for competitions and elite athletes, too.

in its freediving models 88x19 cm and the RTS XL 90x21.5 cm and 90x23 cm, which we recommend to experienced fishermen and for going out from a boat.

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