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Today we present to the world the definitive weapon.VOLCANO by SORIATEC

Updated: Jan 5

The most versatile spearfishing rifle in the world

Volcano handmade in Spain has multiple configurations, from 85 to 140 cm you can create different rifles.

Mono rubber, Double rubber, Triple rubber, Roller, Double roller and Inverter.

Volcano the rifle ALL IN ONE Soriatec patent pending registered trademark, Handmade and designed from scratch by David Soria, Designs and Molds manufactured in Soriatec.

If you can imagine it we can make it.

Volcano is a rifle with multiple uses, made of carbon fiber, ergonomic handle, right-handed, left-handed and universal.

It has an open tube-shaped head with a 26 mm interior that allows you to change the heads according to your needs, from beginners to experienced anglers, and even the same rifle for the whole year or different fishing areas.

Volcano is the best travel companion, since by changing accessories you can transform an inverter into a double tire and so on with all its configurations.

Like all our rifles, it is solid, this gives it more mass, makes it stable and accurate, it can be drilled and it does not absorb water.

Now available in sizes from 110 to 130 with a starting price in these sizes from €600 without accessories, it includes the Ermes Gold mechanism.

And pre-order in all sizes from 85 to 140 cm.

Like Feníx tubes, we can manufacture to measure within the range of available measurements.

You can contact us to place your pre-order in our online store.

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