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Today we want to highlight the features that make Volcano the ultimate weapon.

Volcano is a Hybrid born from the fusion of our Arrow Vela, Leviatan and Fénix tubes.

Like volcanoes, it has a solid base and a cannon that spits fire.

It is a mono-hull rifle made of a piece of carbon with an open tube-shaped barrel, the interior of the barrel is 26 mm, a standard measurement that fits most of the heads on the market.

Many have asked why the Leviathan is more expensive than the Volcano in its double rubber option, and which is the best option?

The Leviathan production process is more complex, and since it has a built-in head, it is 100% airtight.

Volcano is 95% airtight, we leave a gap in the head and the handle so that it is easy to balance, but like all our rifles and tubes it is not hollow, it is solid and is filled with a light material and is not heavy.

Volcano is the best option if you need to assemble a high-performance rifle with a price within reach of any pocket. It can be purchased without components and we give complete advice so that you can assemble it, we can guide you on the length of the rubber bands, rods or accessories.

The advantage of Volcano over Leviathan is not its price, the main advantage of Volcano is that you can evolve the rifle and change from double rubber to roller just by changing the head, it is the first rifle in the world that adapts to your way of fishing.

But we also send them assembled and balanced in their multiple versions, and we can send what you need to change the configuration if necessary in the future.

With Volcano you can have all the rifles in one, being such an innovative product in the world of underwater fishing, our recommendation for Volcanoes without accessories is that you contact us to guarantee that Volcano is everything you expect.

If you can imagine it we can make it

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