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Original Soriatec mimetic and camouflages

Updated: Jan 5

Today we want to talk to you about the different camouflages and mimics that we offer.

We have 3 different designs and an infinite number of possible combinations, these camouflages can be placed on the tubes, rifles and fins.

First of all we want to talk to you about our classic coral bubbles, here you can see some personalized camouflage coral bubble fins that we made for the You Tube channel of Jake and Nicolle from Off Grid Life

You can see this mimic of bubbles that simulates coral in the tubes or guns, as you can see in the image, we can combine any color, and they are covered in paint.

The octopus mimic can also be combined with any color but it shows the fiber for the most part and the color is applied simulating the tentacle of an octopus. Here you can see two different combinations, red-silver and also gold-white.

To finish, we present the Dragon mimic, this mimic, as you can see, simulates the dragon scales and covers the entire surface.