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Customize your Soriatec Fenix Inverter spearfishing rifle.

Today we are going to talk to you about the different ways to customize your Fénix Inverter rifle.

You can find our Fénix rifles in sizes from 85 to 115 cm in the Fénix XL model from 100 to 135 cm.

In measurements of more than 100 or with the Ermes handle, the XL model is recommended.

The difference between the Fénix and Fénix XL is the width and length of the cuttlefish shape of the tube,

6.5 cm wide, 68 cm long in the Phoenix and 7.8 cm wide, 78 cm long in the XL model.

You can choose the Ermes Avatar handles in their four available colors red, green, blue or white, right or left-handed, but the standard model has the MVD or sigalsub handle, to install the Ermes handle you can contact us.

For the head, the Sigalsub stark is the model that best fits and we have tested the most, for another head you can also contact us.

The range of the Fénix Inverter model is 6/7 meters, it is a precise, reliable and very powerful rifle,

in this video you can see how to load it.

The rifles are delivered assembled ready for use.

The interior of the tube is 26 mm, which is a fairly universal measurement and adapts to most components on the market.

We can personalize the rifle with a name or logo, at Soriatec.

There are different gloss, matte,

Mimetics or camouflage finishes, we can put one, two or three colors, contact us to guarantee it is

exactly what you had imagined, because if you can imagine it we can make it.

And you... do you already know how you want your Fénix Inverter?

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